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3 Most Common Questions About Replacing Calgary Windows

You as a homeowner in Calgary are considering a possibility to replace your Calgary windows for new more energy efficient and convenient options. Either your current windows have been serving you far more than a decade and are already in the poor condition or by other reasons, there’s a recent necessity to research for as much as possible window replacement options before making the final decision. Here are some questions, frequently asked by homeowners in Calgary about new windows and replacement procedures.

Any home renovation requires thorough preparation, and window replacement projects are not at all an exception. What should be kept in mind before investing in new Calgary windows?

# 1 What Is the Usual Timing and Steps to Do for Window Replacement in Calgary?

A standard window replacement project can last from up to 10 weeks after the preliminary stage of assessment and agreement signing. The process will begin from a quote appointment with an expert from the local window replacement company, you have found who will evaluate the physical condition of your current Calgary windows and give the detailed recommendations about new windows and the whole installation procedure. The specialist should be knowledgeable and experienced enough to answer all your questions and feature all the pros and cons of the window replacement options under discussion.

If you can rely on this contract, the detailed contract will be signed and some prepayment will be done. Then the replacing and installation procedures actually begin. After the installation of Calgary windows is completed, the good window replacement company should make sure you are completely satisfied with the job. Youll receive the second part of the bill and the terms of your warranty on Calgary windows.

# 2 What Can Be the Total Cost of New Calgary Windows?

The price completely depends on the window options and the installation service provider you have chosen. It’s reasonable to consider window renovation as a long-term investment. If everything is done duly, you won’t be having any issues with the new Calgary windows at least 15-20 years ahead. Just double check your new windows are CSA certified, and the window replacement company has a proven record of the similar residential window replacements and recommendations.

The total cost may be reduced, if you pick local Canadian window manufacturers, as 100 % local windows are cheaper than imported window options. Besides, if you choose Calgary windows of less promoted brands, they can be of the same quality as the highly recognizable names, but you won’t need to pay more for the hype round them. The cost of the overall window replacement can be also less if you opt a local company with the installation staff than the one that utilizes any subcontractor’s services.

# 3 What Are the Warranties for Calgary Windows?

As a rule, the warranty on the renovated windows will depend on the life expectancy of the material the window is manufactured from. For example, vinyl windows can perform duly round 20-25 years. However, it is strongly recommended to check and consider any further window replacement procedures, if the window has been performing for more than 10 years. Besides, the term «lifetime guarantee» refers to the lifespan of Calgary windows, not their owners. A sufficient window warranty can usually cover both window hardware components and maintenance services.

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