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The Usual Way To Hire a

Any Home Service's Way

1. The Search:
You start by searching through phone books,
newspapers, or other ads for the contractors
you need. You select a contractor with little or
no knowledge of their quality of work,
dependability, etc. and hope for the best.
1. The Search:
You call us. We select the best, local
contractor for the project. All the contractors
we refer are thoroughly prescreened to
ensure they are licensed and insured,
dependable, and provide the highest quality
2. Scheduling:
You work out a schedule where both you and
the contractor can look at your project. The
contractor shows up, makes their
recommendations, and offers a bid. Unless you
have experience in the trade you must trust their
recommendations, and accept their bid as fair.
2. Scheduling:
We schedule with you a convenient day and
time to bring the contractor by to look at your
project. We are present to look out for your
best interests and to help answer any
questions or concerns you may have.
3. Bidding:
If you decide to compare the bids to others,
you have to go through steps 1 and 2 above all
over again. Contractors may or may not
present bids in writing.

3. Bidding:
Our experienced professionals know when
bids are fair and communicate this to you. If
you would like to compare bids, we go
through steps 1 and 2 above until you have up
to three bids. We always present bids in
4. The Work:
You have an acceptable bid, and the contractor
starts work. If you have questions or concerns
as the job progresses they may or may not be
available or patient enough to address them. In
addition the contractor may decide the project
needs "extra" work and may do it without
consulting you. At the end of job they give you
a bill higher than you expected because of the
"extra" work.
4. The Work:
All bids are verified through us and accepted
by you, in writing, before work starts. The
contractors we refer cannot increase the bid
without your approval. All payments are made
to Any Home Service and not the contractor
directly. We retain control of the payment to
the contractor until work is completed. We are
available at all stages of your project to
address any questions or concerns.
5. The Guarantee:
Once the project is completed and paid, you
may notice something wrong. The question
then becomes, "will the contractor guarantee
their work?" Then if there was any damage
caused by the contractor, "do they have liability
insurance to cover it?" Unfortunately, the
answer to these questions is often "no." Thus
leaving you with the problem of going through
the whole process again as you get another
contractor to finish or repair the work.
5. The Guarantee:
Once the project is complete, we do a follow
up appointment to ensure the work was done
to your satisfaction before final payment is
made. If not, we call the contractor back to
fix it as they are legally bound under contract
with us to do so. In addition all of the
contractors we use have up to date liability
insurance. At Any Home Service, Inc.
"Your Satisfaction is Our Goal."

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