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Contractor Benefits & Info
Contractors are NOT employees of Any Home Service, Inc.
There are NO restrictions as to who you may work for.
Our referrals are ADDITIONAL clients to help grow your business.
Currently there is NO charge for contractors to use our service.

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How it Works Contractor Benefits Contractor Requirements

How it Works

1. The client contacts us (Any Home Service). We discuss their needs.
2. We contact the right local contractor (you) and offer the job.
3. We schedule with you, the contractor to show you the client's project.
4. You send us the bid (in writing). We then add our referral fee and prepare the bid for the client.
5. We present the bid to the client quickly in an effort to help them accept it, and collect 50% up front.
6. We notify you of the accepted bid so you can schedule with the client to have the work done.We
give you payment for the first half of the bid at the time work begins.
7. Once the job is finished, we do a follow up with the client and collect the remaining balance for you.
(Including any change orders)
8. We process and send out your last payment within 5 business days.

Contractor Benefits

1. Grows your business by providing more jobs and clients through our referrals.
2. All our advertising efforts go directly to support the contractors we use.
3. Builds your reputation of doing quality work because Any Home Service, Inc.
only works with the best professionals in the trades.
4. Allows you to focus on just your trade. We handle customer relations, collecting
payments, etc. so you don't have to.
5. You become part of our networking system which gains you even more business.
6. We give you accurate client feedback from our follow up appointments. Therefore
you can continue to improve your business and meet client needs.
7. We screen clients to help ensure they can and will pay on time.
8. We offer discounted bookkeeping and tax services. (ONLY to contractors in our
referral base)

Requirements to be Referred

1. Must be honest, dependable, and dedicated to providing quality workmanship.
2. We require copies of your:
a. Business Liability Insurance
b. Worker's Comp or Exemption (if applicable)
c. Trade License or Contractor Registration (if applicable)
3. 3-10 customer references (yes we check them)
4. The original signed Any Home Service, Inc. General Referral Agreement.

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