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How to equip a hallway in your house

When you buy a new house you should think how to equip a hallway in it. Modern hallways in typical houses often have significant shortcomings: a narrow and elongated shape, lack of sufficient natural light, a small area. We have collected good ideas for hallways: choose the ones that suit you perfectly.

Ideas for a narrow hallway

1. Hooks and shelves. You can replace cumbersome sets and cabinets with different kinds of hangers, hooks and shelves for Josef Seibel shoes, supplemented with baskets, boxes, organizers.

2. Narrow furniture. Modern furniture manufacturers offer a lot of solutions for narrow spaces: consoles, shelves for footwear, chests of drawers and hanging lockers.

3. Large mirrors. A large-sized mirror, in addition to the main function, will help visually expand the space and make the hallway lighter.

4. Ergonomic solutions. Folding seats, pouffes with storage space, benches with shelves for shoes. Modern solutions and furniture, combining several functions at once, will make a small narrow hallway more ergonomic.

5. Cross strips. Cross-laminated flooring or a mat with transverse stripes visually makes the hallway a little bit less narrow.

6. Arrangement along one wall. Furniture, arranged in a row along one of the walls, will be a good way out for a narrow hallway - both from a practical and decorative point of view. Visually, such a move will make the space less cluttered, and you will not have to manoeuvre in a narrow corridor.

7. Required minimum. If the space is very limited, choose 2-3 most necessary furnishings. For example, a bench with a shelf for shoes and a hanger for coats and jacket

8. High cabinets. Vertical storage organization is a good way to use every centimetre of the hallway.

9. Floor and wall hangers. These are a neat replacement for cumbersome wardrobes for coats, raincoats and jackets.

10. A little bit of everything. Do you want to store everything in one place? If yes, choose elements of furniture of small sizes: a narrow mirror, a small shelf, a shallow chest of drawers.

Ideas for a narrow hallway

1. The more space, the better. A few neat, elegant pieces of furniture in a hallway that is not overloaded with decor and details will make it visually more spacious.

2. The only piece of furniture. One hanger, bench or shoe shelf is a spectacular and compact minimalist solution for a miniature hallway.

3. Facades in the tone of the walls. A solution in the minimalistic style for the lucky owners of a spacious hallway is a system of storage in the entire cabinet with smooth facades in the color of the walls. So, visually roomy cabinets literally dissolve in space.

4. The rod is a wonderful minimalistic replacement for the headset or closet.

Corner solutions for the hallway

1. Refuse from bulky furniture. If there is no urgent need to carry the lion's share of storage in the hallway (for example, when the house has a dressing room or there are spacious cupboards in the rooms), try to abandon bulky furniture in favor of more accurate solutions.

A very small hallway. If there is a small corner in the hallway, use it with maximum benefit: place a mini-pouffe, hang a narrow mirror, put a tiny table, a chest of drawer with boxes for footwear of differentshoe styles. Sometimes you can get a lot of benefits even from a very small space in your hallway.

Shelves for hats and shoes, hooks, hangers and rods for outerwear, organizers for trifles ... If every piece of clothing has its own place, the order in the hallway is assured.

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